Fruitfulness… God’s Idea - Part 1

Did you know success was God’s idea?  Many church going people think success is a secular term.  They think a real Christian will live their lives not caring if they ever achieve any level of success. The problem with pursuing success, apart from God and His purpose, is that such a desire it is rooted in selfishness. Selfishness leads to many other sinful attitudes and behaviors such as dishonesty, greed and lust. But it isn’t success that corrupts the man.  He was already corrupt. Success is neither good nor evil. 

So what does success look like in the life of a man who loves God and lives by His Word? Psalm 112:3 tells us it is possible to be both righteous and successful.  In fact, the entire chapter gives us a visual picture of a righteous man.  In verse 3 it says “Prosperity and welfare are in his house and his righteousnessendures forever.”  Did you notice this man is both righteous and prosperous? If you read further in the chapter it talks about his generosity and justice.  It says he is uncompromising and confident. (verses 6&7)

The world has seen plenty of Christians who compromised their integrity when they thought no one was watching. The devil has a hey day with such tragedies.  The media  splatters the embarrassing details in vivid color for world to see.   Meanwhile, the enemy  laughs at the church while her reputation is discredited.   What was the problem, the circumstances or the man? The heart of the man was the problem not success.

Success is like money it can be used for good or evil. It depends on who has it. Success in the hands of an evil man is merely power to abuse others.  An evil man has no business with power and success.  His heart is not pure so his motives cannot be trusted. 

But fruitfulness in the life of a man who loves God and daily desires to please Him, is a beautiful thing.