The Path of the Consistency Part 1

There is real power in being consistent.  You might remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare.  Patient consistency caused the tortoise to win the race against the hare.  According to this children’s story, the hare was seemingly more equipped to win the race.  Anyone knows a rabbit has quick feet and much greater speed that a tortoise. But there are some Biblical truths that concur with this simple fable regarding consistency.

“The way of the [consistently] righteous is level and straight; You, O Lord who, are upright, direct aright and make level the path of the [uncompromisingly]  just and righteous.”  Isaiah 26:7 Amplified

People often begin their New Year with resolutions.  There is wisdom in setting goals for our lives.  But why do people fall short of reaching their goals?  Most of the time, failure to achieve is related to inconsistency. 

A well known minister once said, “In God’s system of operation there is no failure if you are living by His principles.  You just keep at it until you win.”  Lack of results can be linked to quitting before you see the desired results. Whatever you are trying to achieve in your life, I encourage you to stick with it until you succeed.

In what area of your life do you need to commit to being diligent and consistent?  Whether it is spiritually, in your relationships or at work, make the decision to be consistent.