Stay Connected

Did you know God desires for you to be divinely connected in your relationships with other Christians?  The church was not a man’s idea, it was God’s idea.  God instigated the church, not as a building, but as the family of God in the earth.  The Bible says in Hebrews 2:10, that Jesus is not ashamed to call us his family members.

“So now Jesus and the ones he makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters.”  New Living Translation 

God’s plan is for us to be divinely connected in the church which is the body of Christ.  We are to value one another greatly. We are to recognize and value one another’s strengths and encourage where there is weakness.

 I believe as Christians choose to value their connections within the local church, there will be a level of commitment and faithfulness that will attract outsiders like a magnet.  There are many counterfeit connections, which Satan offers, to replicate the connection we should have in the body of Christ.  We have seen it in gangs, fraternities and other closely knit organizations where connection is highly valued.  There is something within us which values commitment and faithfulness.  People are naturally attracted to it.

Hebrews 10:25 says the family of believers are not to forsake or neglect meeting together regularly.  Luke 4:16 says it was Jesus custom or habit to go to the synagogue or place of worship on the Sabbath day.  If it was Jesus habit it should be our habit. I challenge you to make a new commitment to attend church regularly.  The anointed preaching and teaching of God’s Word in a corporate setting can radically change your life.  The most important reason to attend church is to hear Bible based preaching and teaching.  In an anointed setting where God’s Word is being taught and the hearer is applying his faith to the message, God can speak a very personal Word. 

I try never to hear the title of a sermon and say “Oh I’ve heard a message on that before.”  If we approach the Word of God with open hearts, God can speak a new revelation to us through familiar scripture passages.  After all, the Word of God is more than mere words on a page, it a living active force. (Hebrews 4:12)

Regular church attendance at a Bible teaching church will yield supernatural results in your life.  It will strengthen divine connections with God and man.  See you at church on Sunday!

Scripture meditation:  Luke 4:15-20

The Chapel e-letter is written by John and Gwen Miller to challenge and encourage believers to grow and be fruitful in their Christian lives.  

Gwen Miller