Leave Your Mark... Make an Impact

Have you ever began to compare yourself with others? Maybe you compared your performance at work with a another work associate. Or you may have compared your husband or wife to someone else.  Comparison can be a dangerous thing. It can cause you and me to miss what God wants to do in us and through us.  

We often compare ourselves to others with more influence.  We see them as making more money or making a bigger mark on the world.   But I want to challenge that thought. 

The greater the scope influence the lesser the impact. 

You may admire someone who has influence over a large company.  When in fact, it is the person who is leading the department of 5 to 10 people within that large company who has a greater impact on individuals.  The smaller the group the great the impact on those within the group. A  pastor may influence hundreds or thousands on a given Sunday, but  his influence may not compare to the impact of a small group leader that personally touches the lives of 8-10 people in the group.

Many are choosing to influence the lives of many by chasing after approval and promotion at work or by seeking to make a name for themselves.  Their focus is on bigger and better instead of realizing the powerful impact of a few close relationships.

In family relationships,  impact cannot be underestimated.  God ordained the family unit.  He desires to exhibit his unconditional love and grace within the family relationships.  But honoring God within our family units takes focus and purposeful impact.

Parents,  never underestimate the impact you are making on your children. A strong marriage is the best gift you can give to your
children . Purposefully choose to make your marriage a priority after your relationship with God.  It is vital for the security and emotional health of your children. 

Secondly,  prioritize your children.  How do you know you are prioritizing your God, your marriage and your children?  How can you objectively asses yourself?  Evaluate how you spend your time.  Does God get the leftovers of your day? Then he is not your priority.  Do you plan quality time each week with your spouse?  What about spending time with your children to eat, talk and play together?   Where we spend our time reflects our level of priority.  

You are called to influence many people in your lifetime.  But those few you walk closely with you in your family unit and your few closest friends are those who will be impacted forever by your life.

Leave your mark... make an impact.