Scriptures to "Hear" When You....

Need To Realign Your Thoughts- Philippians 4

Are Spiritually Hungry- Psalm 63/Isaiah 55

Are Weak- Romans 8

Are Grateful- Psalm 66/Psalm 100

Need to Be Reminded of Heaven- Revelation 21

Feel Envious- Psalm 73

Are Struggling to Love Someone- Romans 12

Are Lonely- Psalm 16

Want to Consider Who Jesus Is- John 1

Need a Victory- Psalm 91

Feel Afraid- Psalm 34

Need to Be Reminded of Who God Is- Psalm 103

Need forgiveness- Psalm 51

Need to Remember the Relationship Jesus Offers You- John 15

Need to Persevere- James 1

Feel Insignificant- Psalm 139

Are Worried or Anxious- Matthew 6

Need Help- Psalm 121

Need Rest or Comfort- Psalm 23

Are Struggling With Selfish Responses- Galatians 5

Need Direction- Psalm 37

Need Wisdom- Proverbs 3

Feel Downcast- Psalm 42/Psalm 43